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Accepting Payments

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Hey, Stian Weideman the FitBiz Rebel here. Today I wanted to talk you about accepting payments. In the beginning when I started with my business I was all about just pay whenever you can or just give me cash. Most people prefer cash but at the end of the day, I’ll be honest with you, accepting cash just leaves you up to being conned. I think that’s the easiest way of saying it. I know it sounds bad but that’s the truth.

You know, people what happens if you leave it up to them either doing an EFT which is an internet transfer on their own or actually giving you cash, you have to wait for them to come in or for them to take the action. I’ll be honest with you, I give people the benefit of the doubt and I know how busy life can get.

So what tends to be is them paying you is not the first thing on their mind. It might be the first thing and the number one thing on your mind because you’re running a business but for them it is not the same. So we tend to forget that they’re not going to just pay us because if this is not what they’re thinking about, they are just not going to do it.

So by having an automatic debit order, now obviously in your country it could be something different, whatever they call it. But it’s when it’s an automatic debit of your account what you need to do is you obviously have a supplier once again, it would be difficult for me to tell exactly who to use because it depends on which country you’re in. And so I’m sure you can just have a look at obviously your bank or which type of service you can use for that.

But automatic debit is the best way to actually move your business forward, I mean I’ll be honest with you I saw a double – I actually doubled my business in a couple of months’ time. Because suddenly I was receiving the money that people were actually supposed to pay me. Because you know you can have it on your excel sheet or whatever you use the amount of clients that you have but believe me, if those people don’t pay, that’s not the real money that you actually make.

So let’s say for instance, I’m going to use rand now because obviously I live in South-Africa. But say you make 20,000 rand a month, that’s your income supposedly because that’s the amount of clients that you have. But you’re actually only receiving 10,000 rand because half of the people come in late or they’re not paying at all or they’re just staying away because you know how people are – I mean I’ve had this in the past where people feel this way, if they don’t come to train, they don’t need to pay.

But it doesn’t work like that. That’s why if you will have an automatic debit system where the money automatically goes off to your account. I have two dates on mine, I have 1st of the month and 10th of the month just because with me it tends to be that the 1st of the month everyone that works for someone that earns a salary their debits go off the 1st of the month and people that are running their own business they’re actually waiting for money to come in. So the 10th works better for them. So yeah, that’s the two dates that I have, but automatic debit is definitely the way to go because you’re not leaving it up to chance, you are not putting it in their hands. You’re actually making it easier for them because you’re letting the money go off their account by itself. It’s not another thing that you need to worry about.

So yeah, if people are against that which we’ve had – well, I mean, we’ve faced some resistance on that as well. Just remember, it’s your business, you need to do. Do things the way you want to do it because otherwise if you’re going to leave it up to them, you’re going to struggle in business. It’s your rules. Remember, you don’t want an average business. So it’s your rules, do it in the way that you want and using automatic debit is definitely the way to go.

So yeah, try that, stop taking cash. If you want to take cash, you can do that but don’t make that the majority of your business. I would say if you take cash 10% of your business and the other 90 needs to be on automatic debits.

And another thing I’ve also learned is in some cases I would recommend you if you can get the money upfront, that’s even better because people would sign up for a contract of let’s say 12 months and they’re still trying to get out of it. Once again, it depends on what the laws are in your country or in your state. But in our country there’s still a way of getting out of a contract even if you did sign it and you feel like you don’t want to continue with that, there’s a way of getting out of it. Which for you as a business owner is bad because obviously you’re depending on that 12 month’s income from that person but you’re not actually going to get it.

So if you can get a way with that person maybe paying 6 months ahead of time for their program or whatever, that’s awesome because let’s say up to 3 months they’re getting tired of – let’s say they’re lazy and they don’t want to continue with you then at least you do have the money already. So and then another thing is this, even if people pay upfront, it’s a better thing for them as well because it will make them more committed because they have a lot of skin in the game. The money is there, the money has already been paid so they are the one that’s going to lose out, you are not the one that’s going to lose out. So they’re obviously going to want to train with you harder and more because they’ve already paid you the money. So yeah, try that today and I bet you, that will take your business to the next level.

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Transformation Camp

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Hey, Stian Weideman and I’m the FitBiz Rebel. Today I want to chat to you about Transformation Camp. Now, a lot of people have Transformation Camp and they call their programs Transformation Camp, but for me, or in my business it means something a little bit different. You see, most business offer a program to what I call glamour clients; those are the guys that need to lose less than ten kilograms or want six pack abs or the performance clients or those type of things. The guys that don’t really need the motivation because you don’t have to tell them what to do, and they just do it. Yes, those are the cool clients to work with and they are awesome to work with. The problem with that is, that’s probably the lower 5% of your business. The 95% of your business will be the general clients; the guys and the girls who don’t really want to train; the people that are not really committed; the people that you need to motivate really, really hard to take things to the next level.

Now, what I would recommend you do, is creating a new program, like Transformation Camp, or what we call Transformers. Transformers are people that need to lose 20 or more kilograms; it’s more like 30 kilograms or more. I hate to use this word, but it’s almost people who are moving on to the obesity side of things. The reason why I do this, or why I help these clients, I’ll be honest with you, is that no one wants to help these people. Everyone wants to help the glamour clients because they’re the easier clients. You firstly need to make a difference in the world because I’m sure that’s why you started your business. That’s why you became a coach as well, isn’t it? So you need to help these people because no one is helping them. They don’t have the self confidence to go to a normal gym so they are at the house, just stay at home and unfortunately get duped into the whole cool marketing things of buying a magic ball and those type of things. So firstly, they’re getting fed a lot of bullshit. They believe the marketing because they’re looking for the shortcuts; they’re desperate; they really, really want to make a change in their life but they don’t have someone to guide them. So that’s the first reason you need to create this program.

The second reason you need to create this program is, you’ll create a crap load of money. I promise you. From a business standpoint, you’ll make a crap load of money. I started Transformation Camp in January 2014 and by about October 2014, I’d doubled my business. Yeah, I know it sounds ridiculous. But it really did double my business. I was offering something that no one else was offering. Finally these people had a place to come to, to train. We had one client that weighed over 300kg, now we have a couple that are weighing 250 kilograms, 200 kilograms, 180 kilograms. I mean, those people won’t go to a normal gym. They just won’t. So, we’ve given them a home, we’ve given them a place to train where they can feel comfortable. We have a trainer who actually lost 70 kilograms. He used to weigh 168, he now weighs about 98, around there. Now, he understands the whole process; he understands what it feels like to go through all those emotional roller coasters. So he gets to relate to them, he understands exactly what they’re going through. So having him as a coach has made a massive difference because I myself don’t understand it because I’ve never been that big or been that overweight. So, getting that type of coach will help you a lot. That’s a big tip; trying to get someone like that, that you’ve gotten the results for and then used them as your coach or your trainer.

And I promise you, these people are willing to pay more. The reason they’re will to pay more, is firstly, they won’t have anywhere else to train and secondly, they’re desperate. They need the help. They’re at a point, where if most of them don’t make a change, they’re going to die. So, it’s your responsibility as a business owner to help them. To actually make a difference in their life and make a difference in society, because I feel, that’s why you started a business. Surely that’s why you started a business. If that’s not why you started a business, then I’m sorry, you shouldn’t keep on going with your business. You should close your business now because you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. Yes, money is awesome. I mean everyone wants to make money but you need to make it for the right reasons.

So, start with the Transformation Camp. Call it whatever you’d like to call it; just don’t call it Fat Camp or something ridiculous like that, because people don’t like that. Or, The Biggest Loser; that’s the biggest load of crap in the world, because people don’t want to be a loser. Everyone wants to be a winner. So don’t call it The Biggest Loser. So, take that idea off the Transformation Camp. Start your own type of program; get someone results, use them as a trainer and I promise you, you will double your business. You will take your business to a whole new level. And another thing is you’ll make a massive difference in society. So don’t wait on that, do that now. 

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Social Media Marketing

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Hey, Stian Weideman, the FitBiz Rebel here. Today I want to talk to you about social media marketing. Now we covered a little bit about social presence in our How to Create Awareness  for Free video but I wanted to cover a little bit about this once again.

You need to use social media. Why? Because it’s free. Yes, you do get paid advertising on YouTube and Facebook and all those type of things but let’s focus on the free part of it now. A good way to use social media to your advantage is obviously like I said, you need to be consistent. You need to do weekly posts. Choose one, two, maybe three days a week that you’re going to post consistently.

Let’s say for instance we do, on Mondays we do a motivational post, Wednesdays we do a training video and Friday we do a nutritional video, just to take as an example. That’s something you want to do for your business so that people can actually share those type of videos. They can share the information that you’re actually giving out to the public. And that’s how people see that you’re out there all the time. They can see that the information that you’re providing them is great, it’s good content. And they’ll want to come and see what you’re actually offering inside. That’s how it works.

If you deliver great value for free, people are going to want to see what you charge for. And that’s how you actually get new clients. The next thing you need to do is you need to post success stories. Now if you watch the testimonial video that I actually did, you’ll see I explain to you exactly how to do these type of images. You write the text on it, the exact results that this person got and then you share it in your Facebook posts.

And then the last thing you can do is on these Facebook posts is to do challenge updates. When we do our 28 day challenges, the first thing we start off is by saying “You know what, we have our next challenge coming out from this date to this date.” And through this we actually get a lot of clients or new members that sign up just for the challenge. And then the next thing we do is we announce how many members or how many people actually entered the challenge. And then as the weeks go by, we post updates. We put things like “we’re on this amount of kilograms that the people have lost so far.” They’ve done so many push-ups or they’ve run a kilometer and they’ve done these type of things.

You know, people like this type of stuff. They want to see what other people are doing. You can post photos, you can post videos of people training. When people see that, they get quite intrigued about what you’re doing. And that’s how you get people to contact you and find out from you, you know “how does your service work?” and “what do you guys actually do? I’ve seen your videos on Facebook. I’ve seen your posts. It looks freaking awesome. Your stuff looks really great. Please give me some more information.”

So yeah, use social media to your advantage. Start off by doing the free things first before you start going into paid advertising. And I promise you being consistent with this you’ll definitely take your business to the next level.

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Hey, it’s Stian Weideman the FitBiz Rebel here. Today I wanted to talk to you about simplification. Now perfectionism is the killer. I myself struggle with this big time, I’ll be honest with you. I tend to over-think things, I over-complicate things because I wanted to be perfect. I’ll take these videos as an example. Do you know how long it has taken me to shoot these videos? Because I wanted the best lighting, I wanted this, I wanted that. I wanted the perfect setup.

You know what? Now I just decided you know what? Screw that. I need to get it done. Because otherwise I won’t get this content out and I won’t be able to deliver good value to you, my subscriber or anyone out there in the world because I don’t have the time now to get all this fancy equipment. And I don’t have the money – I’ll be honest with you, I don’t have the money to spend thousands of dollars on fancy cameras and stuff like that.

So at the end of the day I’ve taken out the whole perfectionism thing, I’ve thrown it out because I wanted to get these videos done. So you need to do exactly the same thing. Don’t sit back and wait for things to be perfect. Just get it done. There’s an old saying that “you only get paid for done.” There is no point in having all these cool and fancy ideas and not taking action on them. Because you won’t get paid for the fancy ideas in your head. You’ll only get paid for what is done on paper. Or what is done inside your facility.

And then the next thing you need to do is you need to create a flow for consistency. Now what I mean by that is you need to create a schedule that works for you. I myself for instance am a person that doesn’t sleep a lot. So for me actually the best time is at 3 or 4 o’ clock in the morning. That’s when I function at my best. That’s when I’m the most creative and that’s when I’m able to produce the best results. So for me it’s best to work that time of the morning.

For you, you might struggle with that or you’re training a lot so for you it might be from let’s say from 12 o’ clock in the afternoon to 2 o’ clock. That’s fine. Use that time to do the most important tasks on your schedule or in the diary. Use that time. Don’t try and – okay, let’s take an example.

I’ve made this mistake for a very long time. I looked at other experts because I was studying personal development, I was studying all these business type of ideas and all the different concepts. So I wanted to do it like the experts were doing it. So I was following their own schedule. Instead of looking at what they were doing and finding something that was fitting for myself. Something that was working for me and then adapting this style of schedule according to my times – according to my personality or the times I have for myself.

So you need to do something like that. Find something that works for you, create a flow and then stick to it. If you’re not going to be consistent – I mean you’re expecting your clients to be consistent with their training. But if you can’t be consistent in generating tasks or computing tasks, then you’re not going to be successful. So to be honest with you, how can you ask your clients to be consistent when you can’t be consistent yourself?

And then the last one is you need to delegate. In general business owners tend to be control freaks. They want to do everything themselves because they believe that they can do it the best, no one can do it as well as they can. Now this might be true. The problem with that is that if you want to do everything yourself, first you’re going to overwork yourself, that’s the first thing. Then the second thing is – the problem is you’re not going to take action on as many tasks as you’re supposed to take action on.

So I would delegate that task to someone that can do it 80% of the capacity that I can but at least they’re completing that task instead of me only completing that task in about two weeks’ time, I get to do it now because I’m giving it to someone else.

And to be honest with you if you give that person the opportunity and you show them exactly how they’re supposed to do it, there’s a very good chance they’ll be able to do it 90-95% the way you are going to do it and then at least the task is finished.

What you need to do as a business owner, you need to find the profit-generating tasks. The things that actually make the most money in your business and you need to focus on that. All the other nitty-gritty stuff you need to delegate; you need to give that to your staff, get them to do the stupid stuff like the small admin type of things or the small running errands or driving around, picking up stuff, you need to give that to your staff, you need to focus on the profit-generating tasks. And that’s the only way you’re going to be able to take your business to the next level.

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Brand Concept

Creating Awareness For FREE

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Hey, Stian Weideman, the FitBiz Rebel here and today I wanted to talk to you about creating awareness for free. Now as I’m sure you know by now, marketing can be quite expensive. People say do flyers, do newspaper ads, all those things. You know, that stuff costs a crap load of money. And I don’t want you to spend money on, to be honest with you, sorry for the blunt word but you know, spend money on shit.

So at the end of the day I’m going to give you three ways that I would say you can create awareness for free. The first thing is social presence. You need to choose one to two social media platforms. Now I’ve made this mistake in the past and I think a lot of coaches make this mistake. Because there are so many social media platforms, they tend to want to be on all of them. I mean you have Facebook, you have YouTube, you have LinkedIn, you have Instagram, you have Pinterest, you have Twitter, you have all those type of things.

But what I would recommend doing is choose one or two. I would say maybe two. And what I personally use is Facebook and YouTube. Because with Facebook obviously you can do text type of posts and with YouTube you can do the videos. Now lately you can do videos on YouTube as well, which is doing quite well, but having a YouTube channel is also great. So I would recommend doing that as well.

And then what you want to do is this: you want to be consistent on these platforms. You know, on this social presence you need to be consistent. The thing is, that’s why I say don’t use three, four or five different types of social media platforms because it’s impossible to be consistent with those. I mean on Instagram you have to create a photo. Then on Twitter you need to do a short update. Then on LinkedIn you have to do a different type of post. Then on YouTube you have to create a video. And then on Facebook you have to write a longer text.

Now yes, you can do that but if you have someone that’s doing it for you, then that’s a different story. But if you’re just starting out or you don’t have the funds to pay someone else, the best way to do it is just choose one or two and be consistent with that. You know, you could choose Mondays to do motivational posts, then that’s what you do. But at least then on every single Monday you do that. You are consistent with that.

Then the next thing I would do to create awareness for free is you offer your services for free. Now if you’ve seen my about video on the about page, you’ll see that that’s actually what I did. When I started out and I couldn’t make an end for myself and I was struggling to get my name out there, I was willing to offer my services for free. I went to my old high school, I offered them to coach some of their teams for free. In the beginning I even went to the university, all I wanted to do was get my good in the door. And the only way you’re going to get a foot in the door is by offering a service for free.

I mean I would go to businesses in my local area if that’s what you wanted to do and offer to train some of the workers there for free. Just to show them what you can do. And then after that you can organize a different rate, or you can organize something for them. Just so that they can take advantage of your services because obviously you’ve shown to them now that they can get good results and that you’re not a [inaudible 3:18], you know what you’re doing.

And then the last thing I would do is that I would get a media contact. Now this sounds like something very stupid but I mean in my local newspaper I have a contact area journalist now that I’ve made a deal with that trains at my facility for discounted rates or we get twelve articles a year in the newspaper. So that’s pretty much once a month we get an article in the newspaper. And this could be regarding the challenges that we’re running here, or outdoor activities that we’re doing or if we’re doing something for society. Or we’re just having a general awards evening. He pretty much covers those stories and that comes back to the whole social presence thing.

If you’re there in their face all the time – and these things don’t cost you a cent. I mean you could even offer – I did this for a year long, I also wrote articles for the newspaper. You know, I didn’t get paid for it but I was willing to do that because that’s how you get your name out there. If people see your name all the time and they see your facility’s name all the time, they will understand who you are. They’ll say surely you must understand what you’re talking about because how else would you be able to get into the newspaper?

So make an effort to get a contact in the media. And offer them training for free in the beginning. Or at discounted rates. And then build up a relationship so that you can get your foot in the door and get your foot in the door with other businesses because they’ll obviously have contacts with other businesses as well.

So yeah, make an effort to create this awareness for free first on this one page where you watched this video, you’ll see these steps once again. Use this to your advantage and start creating awareness for free.

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Trainers Assisting Athletes In Exercising With Barbells

The Clients You’ll Be Serving

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Hey, Stian Weideman, the FitBiz Rebel here and today I wanted to talk about the clients you’ll be serving in your business. Now first I want to start off by asking you what type of training do you enjoy the most? Let’s say for instance things like youth conditioning, performance type of training, weight loss, general fitness, lately we have obstacle type of training, martial arts, those type of things.

What is the type of training that you enjoy the most? Because obviously when you’re in business, you have to look at a few things. You have to look at how to get the business to be profitable, so you need to offer a program that people actually want or that there is a market for in your society. And then another thing is, you need to actually enjoy it.

So now I want to ask you these two questions on top of that. The programs or the type of training that you enjoy; do you think there is a market for that in your area? Is there a lot of competition?

Now I’ll be honest with you, I’m not really worried about competition. I think there’s a lot of people depending on how small your town is that there is a lot of people available for training or a lot of people that need help in training. So in most cases, in most towns, there’s not enough gyms or facilities or programs for all the amounts of people that stay in that town. So there will always be enough clients or customers for you.

So the thing is – so let’s say for instance you live in a town where there is a lot of old people staying there. And you want to offer MMA. I mean that would just be ridiculous because unless you have some badass old people that really want to do MMA, you’re going to struggle to offer that. So that’s something you need to think about.

And then another question that’s going to be probably a difficult one is are you open to offering programs that you yourself personally enjoy coaching just to keep the business running? Now I’ll be honest with you, if you’re running your own business, you have to be open to that. You don’t have to coach that yourself but you can get a coach that can coach it.

So I’ll give you an example what happened to me as I started off with youth conditioning. I opened up my facility and the whole facility was mainly built for performance style training. I mean we have all these active quotes against the wall about never give up and train insane and the reward will be insane and all those type of things. But as we went out on, you know, year after year, year one things were going okay. Year two, it was going okay. Year three, things started switching and we started seeing that weight loss was actually the area to go to. And not just general weight loss but something I call transformation camp which I will cover in a follow-up video.

But that was actually my market, that suddenly became the market. So you know what? Even though I didn’t enjoy it, I got a coach in which was actually an old client that I helped lose a lot of weight and I changed them into a trainer – and I offered him to become a trainer. And that’s actually helped me double my business within like ten months. Because I was open to the fact that even though I didn’t enjoy doing that training myself or coaching that program myself, I was willing to get a coach in to do that for me. And because I was willing to do that, my business went to the next level.

And then if you’re considering that as well, you need to be able to describe your perfect customer or as they call it the “avatar.” Now the reason why you need to do that is because we need to do marketing. You need to understand exactly who you’re going to market to. I mean you can’t market to the world. Now I know one of the biggest mistakes that everyone – I’m sure you’ve heard this before is you need to niche down a little bit. Now I think people sometimes are a bit hectic on the whole niching thing. I’m a little bit I’d say different on that. Rebellious on that if you have to put it that way. That sometimes I allow things to happen just to see which direction it goes.

So I wouldn’t niche down too much but I’ll give you an example, let’s say for instance that weight loss is the target that you’re going for. Even though it’s not the program that you want to offer but there is a market for it, you need to have an avatar. Now avatar is let’s say for instance it’s female, she’s aged 30 and we’ll call it Julia and she has two kids and a husband – you want to give names to everyone so that they know exactly – you know exactly what your customer avatar is so that you can help them and market to them directly.

Because remember, there’s a difference between the words that a guy uses for instance and the words that a female uses. And there’s also a difference between someone that’s 20 years old and someone that’s 40 years old. They type of vocabulary that you use is different. So it’s something that you need to think of in your marketing.

So take the time with the one page that you get with this video, go through all the questions there and find your perfect customer avatar. Give it a name or her a name, age and everything just so you know how to move forward in your marketing and take your business to the next level.

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