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John’s Weight Loss Journey

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A Weight Loss Journey can be very tough!!!

So today I want to share John’s Story with you, not from my perspective but his own.

Over to you John:

My weight loss journey has been tough and I would say the best way to explain it is a roller coaster ride going up and down. Even though I struggled a lot I knew that I could accomplish my goal thanks to all the positive support from my family, coaches who laid the foundation (they also led by example) and everyone who supported me on my facebook group.

Here is a small insight into my journey, I hope that this will show others that it’s not easy but at the same time that they too can do it!

After I lost my first 50kg I realised that even though it continues to take daily commitment from me to stay on track, it was worth it because I was starting to get my life back. I was experiencing things in my life again that Obesity took away from me and this drove me to my next target which was to lose 100kg.

During my first 50kg I averaged almost 10-12kg weight loss a week so I would say it was relatively easy, but the second 50kg wasn’t nearly as easy. There were many days (sometimes weeks) that I wanted to give up. I was tired of following a meal plan and having to exercise self control on a daily basis, but luckily I had people who kept inspiring and motivating me to continue and push through. My wife never gave me the chance to go off track or back down!

To give you an example: There was a period where I lost no weight for almost a month, but after reviewing my food diary with my coach we noticed that a daily yogurt was the cause of my plateau (yes something as stupid as a yogurt). After cutting the yogurt out, I started dropping weight again and went up to a 74kg total weight loss. It was amazing to wear some of the clothes that I could last fit when I was 26 years old. My golfers shirt that I was wearing went down from a 10XXXL to a 7XL. I could suddenly do everyday things again like going into a public toilet (previously I struggled to fit) and fit in my bath and car again, even the blood circulation in my leg was back to normal because I was able to move a lot more without having to sit down for hours. I’m also able to do work in the garden again, something that obesity completely took away from me. From May to the end of December 2014 I managed to lose a total of 80kg.

January I was back in the gym working towards my 100kg goal, but this is when all the mind tricks really started. I wanted to reach the 100kg goal, but my mind kept on telling me that I already feel so much better so why even continue with the journey. I started reading stories of others who were facing a similar transformation journey and that helped me realise that I couldn’t give up! Getting from 80 to 90kg weight loss was a struggle, but a managed to reach it by middle February. Once I reached the 90kg goal, I started experiencing a lot of pain due to gout in my foot. This pushed me off track quite a bit because I had to get medication from the doctor and at the same time couldn’t go to the gym on a regular basis because the pain was just too much. 

Even though I was going through this difficult time, I was able to accomplish one of my biggest goals which was to support my son with his rugby. I went to every practice and game and even stood next to the rugby field for the whole day (previously I had to sit in my car and watch from a distance).

John 100kg

The 90 to 100kg weight loss was even more difficult as I hit another plateau that lasted for almost a month once again. This was a really frustrating time as I couldn’t understand what was happening, I was following my meal plan and even my food diary didn’t show anything that could cause this plateau. When I got on the scale at the gym and my weight increased from 208kg to 218kg, I was devastated. I wanted to find the cause for my sudden plateau and even weight gain, so I contacted the doctor to ask about the gout mediation I was taking. The doctor explained to me that the medication that I was consuming on a daily basis contained cortisone which is known for water retention and even weight gain. I decided that I would stop using the medication and rather except the pain caused by the gout, but luckily I managed to find some other medication that worked to a lesser extend but at least it didn’t contain cortisone. I saw results immediately after removing the cortisone medication, I lost 6kg in 2 days and lost a total of 12kg in that week.

Finally I was close to my 100kg goal, but after reading a story of a guy that lost 100kg in 12 months I got inspired once again because I knew I could do better than that.

I lost 100kg in 11 months and 6 days!

This amazing feat would not be possible without great support and people like the Sportcon Team that set a good example for me. My next goal is to lose another 50 – 80kg so that I can weigh in at 120-150kg.


I want to thank John Barnardt for sharing his story with us. Yes, a weight loss journey can be tough, but consistency and mindset is key!

Never Give Up!


Motivation vs Inspiration

Motivation vs Inspiration

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Spreading motivational images and quotes on social media has become part of our daily ritual.

It’s suppose to motivate us, lift us out of our current hole and catapult us into absolute positivity without being fazed by any negativity pointed our way, yet so many people are struggling…

Thousands, maybe even millions of motivational images and quotes exist, yet thousands even millions of people are struggling…


Motivation comes from the outside!

What you, me and everyone else facing difficult times need is INSPIRATION!

Inspiration is something you find INSIDE yourself, it’s that warm feeling that let’s you believe that the slump is only temporary and that better days is around the corner!

It gives you the confidence to face your fears and tackle your obstacles without a drop of doubt.

How do you find more inspiration?

Find or “follow” someone that doesn’t just motivate you, but actually inspires you, someone that makes you believe that anything is possible! That person will mean more to you in life than someone that screams and shouts motivational quotes daily!

Why not do the same for others?

Be an inspirational person by showing others what is possible instead of telling them!

A motivational mind is temporary –  an inspirational mind lasts a lifetime! 

Never Give Up!


Making blind choices

Making Blind Choices

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I’m sure you’ve heard of people writing in a journal or diary, but have you ever tried it yourself?

Maybe you’ve seen it in the movies or heard a friend talk about it…

We use journaling in my fitness business to help clients who are struggling to lose weight, understand where they’re going off track and how to make better food choices.

I use journaling in my own personal life to understand how I react to certain situations and how it makes me feel. Without understanding how situations make me feel or react, I’m going through life making blind choices.


I know that if I eat red meat after 9pm I experience a lot of BAD nightmares.

Doesn’t sound like anything too bad except that I might experience a little lack of sleep right?


Let’s say tonight I have some meat at 9:30pm, I go to bed and start experiencing my nightmares. The next morning I wake up cranky because I didn’t sleep well and then start working on a major project that needs to be finished today. I can’t seem to function at full capacity because the lack of sleep and crankiness is making me agitated and causing fights between myself and my team. At the end of the day we have a massive fight and the project doesn’t get completed. I get home and just like any other day my dogs are extremely excited to see me and just wants to play. I absolutely freak out on them because I had a crappy day and want to be left alone…

What caused this in the first place? Eating some meat after 9pm…

I Made A Blind Choice!

If I was able to sleep in tomorrow because I was on holiday, then maybe eating the meat after 9pm tonight wouldn’t have had the same effect on my day tomorrow…

Get a journal and start writing down how you feel every day and after 30 days review your journal, you might find a couple of triggers that are sabotaging your day or week!

P.S – Please comment below, telling me what blind choices you’ve made as well as if you’re currently using a journal and how it’s helping you!

Never Give Up!




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Being vulnerable in most cultures is frowned upon because society in general sees it as a form of weakness.

Growing up as an Afrikaans boy in South Africa we are taught that toughness is the only way, that we shouldn’t let anything stand in our way, but most importantly to not cry because if you did, you were weak and called a “Sissy” (a girl).

Yes it’s important to fight for what you believe in but portraying the image of a warrior 24/7 is not normal (or healthy) and I don’t care how strong or tough you are, everyone breaks sooner or later.

I know a lot of people that “play tough”, but are absolutely broken inside.


Because society and their heritage taught them that being vulnerable is wrong, that it’s a form of weakness and that “weak people” don’t make it in this world.

So what ends up happening?

This person (let’s call him John) goes through life miserable, pretending to be someone his not, just to please others.

John’s “cup of pain” starts overflowing into his marriage and even the relationship with his kids.

He starts to withdraw from everything and everyone because he doesn’t know how to handle all the pain.

John’s wife and children automatically start to think that maybe there’s someone else or that he doesn’t love them anymore…

This might sound like a very far fetched story, but unfortunately this happens everyday.

Broken relationships and lives are caused by many different factors, but in my opinion many of these situations could be prevented if people learned to be more vulnerable. Accepting that you are not super human and that having pain or concerns is part of being human.

Vulnerability would lead to better communication and understanding of how people (your partner) reacted to a certain action or situation.

P.S – Please comment below and tell me if you’re willing to be vulnerable or do you feel that you’re just not there yet…

Never Give Up!


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The Food Diary

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Now I’m sure you’ve probably heard the importance of keeping track of what you eat, but are you actually doing it?

If you are, then I have to congratulate you because you’re part of the 1% that actually do!

Don’t despair if you’re not because you are not alone. From my experience, the people who get the best results consistently are the ones who keep track of everything they consume (including alcohol and anything small like a sweet or two).

Here are two real life examples of how two of my clients were able to BUST through a plateau just by tracking their food consumption:

Example 1: Etienne and the Apple.

After losing 60kg Etienne hit a massive plateau, not losing a single gram of weight in 6 weeks. Etienne and I sat down and had a look at his food diary, trying to figure out what was going on. We took one thing out and tried it for a week, we saw no results so we placed it back in his meal plan. After about 2-3 weeks of testing we found that Etienne consumed an apple a day (just like the doctor recommends), but for some reason his body just didn’t want it and so completely stopped his progress.

After the apple debacle Etienne went on to lose 9.7kg in only 28 Days! This would not have been possible if he didn’t track his food consumption, who would of thought an apply would make such a massive difference?

Etienne Before:After

Example 2: John and Yogurt.

John was well on his way to losing 70kg in record time but then suddenly his progress came to a grinding halt at 52kg. For a whole month John didn’t lose a single gram (just like Etienne), so we knew it was time to go back to the drawing board. Looking over his food consumption of the last month, John realised that for some reason he started consuming yogurt on a daily basis (something he didn’t do previously), even though it wasn’t large quantities it still wasn’t what John’s body wanted.

After removing the yogurt John has gone on to lose another 18kg in 2 months. Once again this would not have been possible without tracking.

John 100kg

As humans we tend to sometimes give ourselves way too much credit, we believe that we are performing better than what we truly are and this is definitely the case with a food consumption. We only remember the good we ate and not the bad.

Start tracking everything you consume (if you can include the size/quantity), continue in this fashion for at least a month and you will quickly see some bad habits that you’ve created. Knowing the problem will take help you create a plan to get around it.

Never Give Up!



Goal Achievement Lessons

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I want to share some lessons I learned from achieving some goals that I set for myself:

1. Mindset is everything!

Life is difficult and without a strong mind you will struggle in most areas of life. Start conditioning your mind so that whenever you take on any goal, there is no other option than success!

2. Have some skin in the game!

It’s human nature to do things for status value. You don’t want people to judge you and that’s why you want to accomplish certain things (yes sometimes there are deeper reasons/meanings to you wanting to achieve a goal).

Just to prove this point, did you know that the number one fear in life is not death but rather Public Speaking. Why? Because we are afraid that we might not deliver a great speech and therefore people might think less of us (there’s the status thing again).

One of the best ways I’ve found to keep yourself accountable and motivated during your journey is to announce to the world what you are taking on/what your goal is. When you do this, you have a sudden urge to prove to everyone that you can actually do what you say and push through the tough times. Announcing to the world (facebook) is a great way to have Skin In The Game!

3. Choose only one goal and stick to that!

I made the mistake of having two goals during my 28-day challenge that actually clashed with each other:

Goal 1: Lose 5kg
Goal 2: Run a sub 45min on the Warrior Race

These two goals clashed because for goal 1 (losing weight) I had to decrease my carb intake and for goal 2 (warrior race) I had to increase carb intake to have enough energy for both races (I actually did the warrior again on the Sunday and that’s why I required extra energy).

These goals on their own would have been very easy to achieve but adding them together took some hard work and most importantly a strong mind. Yes I had the little voices inside my head tell me on numerous occasions that I could just stop and that I didn’t have to prove anything, but that’s just not me!

4. Every Road has at leas one pot hole!

You will definitely find at least one (in most cases multiple) obstacle that will try and push you off track. This could be a fight with your partner, your boss purely pissing you off or anything else that will push you further away from success.

Best way to deal with this obstacle? See Number 1!

There’s a reason only 1% of society are successful, because it takes hard work and a lot of sacrifices!

It’s time for you to be part of the 1%!

Final Results (for those who are interested)

Goal 1: Lose 5kg

Starting Weight 87.6kg / End Weight 82.2kg
Starting Bodyfat: 20% / End Bodyfat: 13.9%

Goal 2: Finish Warrior Race in under 45min

My time on the Warrior Race was 39.28min

Deadline: 28 Days

Completed the goal in 24 days (I like being an overachiever)

I’m not writing this to brag or improve my status, but rather to show you that you too can be successful in any goal. It’s time to stop accepting your fate and start working towards something you truly want!




Iron Giant Lessons

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Today was the first time I’ve ever watched the movie – The Iron Giant. Even though it’s an animated movie, there are two valuable lessons to be learned.

1. Everyone has some good in them, it just takes the correct experience to set it free

The massive robot plummeted to earth from somewhere in space and destroyed everything in it’s path, until it met a young boy.

After experiencing a deer getting killed by 2 hunters, the boy explained to the robot that guns killed and that it wasn’t nice. This experience completely changed the robot’s perspective and changed him into a loveable and friendly robot.

Yes this is a children’s story, but sometimes people are in a bad place because of previous experiences. As friends and family it’s our duty to create new experiences to help them change their life from bad to good.

2. As we grow older, we lose our “invincibility”

The boy has a tremendous amount of confidence and belief that he can do whatever he likes and that anything is possible, he even approaches the giant without any fear.

When we’re young we have these amazing dreams of what we want to be or do when we grow up, but as we grow older society starts telling us that we have to be “realistic” and so we start creating our path of mediocrity.

There’s even a saying that backs this mentality: “You’re only young once”.

I say the hell with that! You should change that statement to: “You only LIVE once”.

Starting today, be an Iron Giant and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything! You’re awesome and the world needs you to be you and not what society wants you to be!

Never Give Up!



Consistency is key

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I’m sure you’ve heard this saying before?



Do you actually apply it?

We live in a world of “Instant Gratification” where we want everything now and forget that some things take time to acquire, like weight loss. Yes some people are “lucky” and will get weight loss results faster than you, but then again you will get faster results in another area of life and they will feel hard done by…

We tend to forget that: Small Consistent Steps over a Period of Time will Yield MASSIVE Results!

The key word in the above phrase is: Small

How often do you approach a new goal with lighting speed, only to stop after a couple of weeks because it’s just too much for you? Why does this happen?

Too Much Too Soon!

Start with small manageable steps, but do them consistently and you will see amazing results. If you are trying to change your current way of eating, don’t immediately cut out everything that is bad because we can guarantee you that it won’t last. Rather focus on one area and get that sorted before moving to the next.

Example: You drink 5 cups of coffee a day with 3 sugars per cup, that’s a total of 15 teaspoons of sugar a day (scary I know, not many people look at it this way). Instead of completely eliminating coffee from your lifestyle, start by cutting the amount of sugar per cup. Let’s say you drop it down to 2 sugars per cup, that’s a decrease of 5 teaspoons of sugar a day. Do that over a period of 5 days and you will have decreased your sugar by 25 teaspoons, that’s massive! Once 2 sugars become easy to manage, drop it down to one.

As long as you stay consistent, you have no other choice but to be successful.

Here is another example:

One of our transformers (what we call people in our transformation camp) was seeing some amazing results and lost more than the average amount of kilograms that we originally intended for per week. The one week he didn’t continue seeing such amazing results (which was expected as his results up to that point was not normal) and got a little bit despondent. He was looking at the short term success (remember the Instant Gratification train that we are all on), but forgot that if he lost 2kg consistently for let’s say 3 months that would be 24kg.

Would you prefer losing an average of 2kg a week, amounting to 24kg over 3 months or would you like to start of by losing 10kg in 2 weeks and then not lose anything for 4 weeks en then maybe losing another 5kg over the next 6 weeks? That gives you a total of 15kg, plus in the 4 weeks that you lost nothing you probably would have given up anyway…

Remember: Small Consistent Steps over a Period of Time will Yield MASSIVE Results!

Never Give Up! 


6 Tips for Fat Loss

6 Tips For Fat Loss

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Do you know what the difference between weight loss and fat loss is?

Most people think it’s the same thing, but it’s definitely not.

If you are obsessed with getting on the scale everyday your main focus is weight loss, not fat loss. Your weight can fluctuate during the day, especially when you factor in fluid retention, sodium intake and muscle weight.

If you want to focus on fat loss, getting on the scale is not the best method. Just because the scale is going down doesn’t mean you are losing fat. You might be losing water weight and worse of all muscle.

Muscle tissue is much denser than fat tissue and when you workout intelligently and consistently your lean muscle tissue increases and your body fat decreases. Two individuals can have an equal body fat percentage, but the leaner person will weigh more on the scale due to the higher density / weight of lean muscle tissue.

As you can see it is possible to lose weight, but still stay fat!

6 Tips to help you lose FAT!

  1. Limit carbs if you are above 15% bodyfat
  2. Eat less fatty foods
  3. Eat more protein (most people don’t eat nearly enough protein)
  4. Stop eating so much fruit
  5. You’re not getting enough sleep
  6. You’re not managing stress properly (stress produces cortisol that increases bodyfat storage)

Never Give Up! 


Skin in the game

Skin in the Game

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No this is not a weird thing where we rip your skin off and play a game with it.

For you to be successful in your weight loss journey or in fact any goal, you need to have skin in the game otherwise giving up is an easy option.

What do we mean by skin in the game?

Let’s use starting a business as an example:

You start a business with a friend, but it doesn’t cost you a cent. You predict that it will take 3-months before you start making some money. Before you know it, 6-months have past and still no money. Walking away from this business venture would be a very easy solution because you didn’t really lose anything (maybe some pride).

Let’s use the same example above, but you invested R100 000 (or whatever currency you work in) or you quit your job to pursue this venture => This means you have Skin In The Game! If things started getting tough, would you still give up easily or do you now have a lot more to lose?

The Skin In The Game method is a great way to help you stay on track with your weight loss goals. We can guarantee you that at some point in your journey things will get tough and you will want to give up!

Examples of Skin In The Game for a Weight Loss Goal:
1. Make a Monetary Bet with someone, but it needs to be big => R1000 + (or currency you use).
2. Post your goals on your Facebook page/status and tell the world what you will achieve.
3. Get your family or a training buddy involved, this is good for motivation and it’s human nature not wanting to disappoint someone.

Comment below telling me how you plan on using the Skin In The Game Method!

Never Give Up!