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Free Upper and Lower Body Workout

Wanted to add a Upper and Lower Body Workout to the Core Workouts that I’ve given you. Upper Body Workout Lower  Body Workout You only have to do one of these workouts every second day, but don’t forget to rotate these workouts with the core workouts I’ve already provided.  This should help you maintain your current… More

My 2015 Goal

Today is the start of a 8-Week Journey towards a new goal. 1 February I will complete my first of 9 Black Ops Elite Warrior Races (obstacle racing), working towards a spot in the National Championships and a Top 20 finish at the end of 2015. I currently have a shoulder injury, but it’s not… More

Lessons learned from an Iron Giant

Today was the first time I’ve ever watched the movie – The Iron Giant.  Even though it’s an animated movie, there are two valuable lessons to be learned. 1. Everyone has some good in them, it just takes the correct experience to set it free. The massive robot plummeted to earth from somewhere in space… More

Accomplishing Your Goals

December is known as the holiday season, but I also call it “Goal Season”. Why? This is when everyone starts discussing their new years resolutions and how they are going to have the best year ever, next year. Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but the reason most people fail to accomplish their goals… More

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